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Do you know that more than 19 million people in the US live in mobile homes? That’s nearly 7% of the country’s population. The question that may come to your mind is where do these people park their RVs? The answer may open up an investment opportunity for you. These families park their cars in trailer parks. Beach RV Park, for one, is often a go-to trailer park for many families living in RVs. But how can a trailer park become a profitable investment opportunity? Here’s a quick look at the benefits of investing in a trailer park:

1. Low cost per unit

The cost of investment per unit is quite low when it comes to a trailer park. Remember, you will own the land and not the RVs. This reduces your investment because it’s the RV owners who need to think about protecting their vehicles and not you. Imagine spending more than $100,000 on an apartment and waiting for months before a tenant comes over. On the other hand, you can spend as little as $10,000 for a trailer park and see RVs come over as soon as the next day.

2. Low maintenance

Owning a piece of land means you hardly have to spend time or money on maintaining it frequently. This isn’t a house or apartment where you have to check the plumbing and electrical units every time a tenant leaves. Sure, you may fortify your park by installing a fence, but that’s about it. There’s hardly anything more that you need to do to maintain the place. The low investment and maintenance costs are two reasons why more people are considering buying trailer parks and renting them to RV users.

3. Low risk

You should keep in mind that you have nothing to do with the RVs parked on your land. It’s the responsibility of the users and RV owners. This makes buying a trailer park a low-risk investment. The risk spreads out as more trailers rent your place. Once the total rent surpasses your cost of investment, it’s time to enjoy the profits.

4. High demand

There is always a high demand for trailer parks in the US. As mentioned above, there are more than 19 million people who live in RVs. They traverse throughout the country and look for trailer parks where they can park their vehicles. That means you won’t go out of business anytime soon. Moreover, the government zoning changes are also allowing many people to invest in trailer parks at a low price. If you have cash in hand, you should invest in a trailer park. The industry may soon see a massive boom, thus ensuring a huge amount of profit within a short period.

5. Less competition

There is fairly low competition in this industry until now. Many people think that owning and maintaining a trailer park involves spending time, money, and energy. What they don’t realize is that it’s actually a risk-free investment and they won’t need to spend much time or money on maintaining the piece of land.

It’s best if others stay unaware so that you can make the most of their ignorance and enjoy the profits that come your way. You can spend a relatively low amount of money to purchase the land and turn it into a trailer park. Had there been a high demand for trailer park lands, you would have had to pay a lot more to acquire a small piece of land.

Many people say that ignorance is bliss. True enough. But it’s wise that you know about the dos and don’ts of investing in a trailer park to make your business plan work while others enjoy their blissful moments.

Patrick McDonald
Patrick McDonald
Patrick is one of the owners of Beach RV Park and is an experienced manufactured housing operator, having successfully turned around multiple parks within the Pacific Northwest and is passionate about providing Washington residents with an affordable housing option.

Patrick McDonald

Patrick is one of the owners of Beach RV Park and is an experienced manufactured housing operator, having successfully turned around multiple parks within the Pacific Northwest and is passionate about providing Washington residents with an affordable housing option.
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