Are Commercial Security Guard Services Worth the Cost?

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As a business expands, so does the necessity to protect its property, as well as monitor its customers and employees. For most businesses, this will involve hiring a security company to take on the growing need for security.

Security Guard on patrolPrivately owned security firms provide professional commercial, personal and home security services. Since the inception and acceptance of these companies by the general public, the crime rates have significantly gone down. The common crimes that affect businesses include:

• Theft of property or merchandise
• Internal theft by employees
• Embezzlement
Cyber crime
• Vandalism

Common Business Security Services

Privately operated security companies help protect companies by doing the following:

1) Providing Surveillance Equipment
Security firms will provide and install surveillance equipment in areas which need to be monitored. Most of these firms have their technical department that handles the installation although others subcontract other companies. Surveillance equipment includes CCTV cameras that are installed on site and monitored either by the security firm or by the client.

2) Installation of Alarm Systems
Having an alarm system is a certain way of telling intruders that they are being watched. Security firms install these systems in their clients’ premises alongside trigger mechanisms like motion sensors. This intelligent combination has to a large extent barred unauthorized entry to building and offices. An alarm response team is usually on stand-by.

3) Provision of a 24/7 Mobile or Foot Patrol Services
One of the best crime deterrents is to have a full-time security guard patrolling the grounds on a 24 hour basis. The security guard may either patrol on foot or in a vehicle, depending upon the size of area. Most security companies offer the option of armed and unarmed guards.

4) Provision of Reception Security
These guards are normally deployed in high traffic areas of commercial buildings and offices. Their work is to ensure the safety of the work place by conducting body searches or an authentication of the entrants of such places. They oversee the entire security of those buildings.

5) Personal Security
Some private security firms specialize in the provision of bodyguards to prominent individuals or to people who consider themselves to be at a higher risk of being attacked. This is gradually becoming the order of the day, as more and more workplace violence prompts businesses to increase personal security for their staff.

6) Security Consultation Services
On request, your security firm will provide you with statistics on crime as well as an overview of the vulnerability assessment of your office, and property. This will normally be accompanied by their recommended solutions or opinion on how you can better stay protected.

Things To Look For When Choosing A Security Company

Private security agencies have become a growing industry. As such, numerous firms have been registered to address the issue of security. To make a choice from the many available, consider the following:

• Your security needs – Everyone’s security concerns are unique and as such choose a company that best suits your needs.
• Always choose a company that is licensed and insured.
• Customer service – select a firm with a good history of customer service. Often, you will be able to read reviews on security companies by other business owners and clients.
• Consider a company that has been in the industry for quite some time.
• Consider a firm that offers multiple intrusion detection techniques.

Security of a business is sometimes dealt with as an after-thought, or after a crime has occurred. Make the time to be pro-active and get a security assessment to determine your needs. Prevention of loss can be well worth the cost.

Rodney Berry
Rodney Berry
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