Are Toys from China Safe?

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With the Christmas season approaching, more people are starting to wonder if toys from China are safe. Particularly with trade wars looming, a parent might be suspicious of toys coming from a country that is a bit suspect.

Buying toys is something you should be very careful with, as not all things are as good as they appear at first sight. The lovely doll your daughter loves so much could make her sick. The airplane you bought for your toddler may crumble to pieces, exposing your kids to a choking hazard. As many of these hazardous toys are imported, the question is whether toys from China are safe.


There isn’t one straight answer to this question. If you want to be on the safe side in regard to the toys you buy your children, you have to understand what to look for in a high-quality safe toy and what to stay away from. Doing this, you’ll be able to keep your kids safe without depriving them from the joy of a new toy every now and then, regardless the country of origin of these toys.

Whether you are looking for educational toys for 5 year olds, or a crib toy for an infant, potentially toxic paint is one of the biggest health threats when it comes to toys aimed at small children. It’s an already well-known fact that children feel their environment through taste. They tend to put all items around them in their mouth, as that is their way of getting to know them better. This isn’t to say that all toys that come from China are made with toxic paint, but to open your eyes and determine you to check out such facts before purchasing the next toy for your child.

Check the labels, try to identify the manufacturer, and see if you can find out what kind of paint they’ve used. If you aren’t sure what to avoid, you can do an online search to find the list of hazardous chemicals that can be found in paint of different colors. Once you know what to stay away from, you don’t have to do anything else than check the list of ingredients in the paint and you’re safe. If you aren’t sure that a toy is 100% safe for your child, it’s better to avoid buying it, regardless the country where it has been made.

Small parts are another huge health hazard you have to pay attention to. Even if a toy is delivered as one piece, this doesn’t mean it can’t be easily dismantled by an inquisitive child. While you won’t be able to keep your child away from this kind of hazard, you can check that the toys you buy aren’t that easy to break apart. Since toys from China are usually cheap, they are also less durable and more prone to breaking apart rather quickly.

However, there are China toy manufacturers who deliver high-quality stuff that’s as durable and as safe as can be. Their toys aren’t usually the cheapest around, so you’ll know that they have a better quality just judging them by their price. This is not a general criterion, though, so you should always perform a careful inspection of all toys before buying them. There are also local manufacturers who try to keep their production costs low by using cheap materials to manufacture their toys.

As a conclusion, you should probably stay away from very cheap toys that look flimsy, as they are probably hazardous to your kids. However, if you find a top-notch quality toy, you shouldn’t refrain from buying it only because it comes from China. Do your research properly, and once you decide the toy is harmless, go ahead and buy it. Furthermore, keep an eye on your child while he or she is playing with these toys. Kids are very creative, so you can’t possibly imagine how many ways they can find to dismantle a toy within minutes and swallow some parts.

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Ranan Lachman
Ranan Lachman
Ranan Lachman is a founder of, an online toy library that allows children of all ages to borrow and return toys, providing a huge selection at a reasonable price. He has extensive experience in the children's toy industry.

Ranan Lachman

Ranan Lachman is a founder of, an online toy library that allows children of all ages to borrow and return toys, providing a huge selection at a reasonable price. He has extensive experience in the children's toy industry.
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